Welcome to Pepoli9
Design Suites in Rome.

At Pepoli9 we have turned hospitality into an Art.

Our art of Design offers you refined and comfortable rooms, each with its own character. An amazing feature unites them all: the Fragrance.

We have studied and created a composition of aromas designed for your relaxation. A special fragrance that will always remind Your Rome.

We have turned Turism into an art.

The art of Knowledge, offering you surprising excursions and unique appointments into the history of Rome, accompanying you with passion and professionalism.

We have turned the Cuisine into an art.

The art of Taste, with special cooking classes that will reveal secrets of original Italian cuisine’s recipes.

The Art and the Design, meaning our rooms and common areas will host few exhibitions of  Contemporary Art to encourage young and new artists and artisans.

Our hotel is special because we are special, and we want special guests like you.

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Find us

We are located in Via di Villa Pepoli 9 at few steps away from Caracalla Baths and really close to the most famous Roman Historical attraction: the Coliseum, Circus Maximum, Arch of Titus, Roman Forum. Just find us!

You can find us here!

Special Offers

Take advantage of our exclusive offers to give a stay as a present, a truly special experience that you can enjoy personally or let your loved ones live.

Around us

At Pepoli 9 you can breathe the most ancient air of Rome all around us. Colosseum, Arch of Titus, Roman Forum, Baths of Caracalla you can reach them all in a few minutes, on foot. The great Rome awaits you.