Roman Forum

Fori Imperiali - Roma

Roman Forum are a series of large monumental squares (holes), built between the 1st and the 2nd century. a.C., which over time have been added temples and other buildings, all built by emperors (with the exception of the first), to give prestige to its name.

They were the center of Roman political, economic and social activity: processes were celebrated here, rallies were held, leaders were triumphant.

The forum of Caesar was the first, built on a land purchased by Caesar himself, dedicated to Venus parent (from which he boasted of descending) and inspired by the arcades erected near the temples by the wealthier citizens.

The second was that of Augustus, with the Temple of Mars Ultore, god of revenge, to whom the emperor had vowed in the aftermath of the battle of Philippi to avenge the death of Caesar.

In succession they were then built the forum of Peace, wanted by Vespasian to celebrate the victory in Galilee, today almost entirely covered by modern buildings; the forum of Nerva, of which remains a small part of the temple of Minerva, to which Nerva was devoted, and the majestic forum of Trajan, flanked by the Mercati Traianei, for which almost all the spoils of the war against the Dacians were allocated , here it is necessary to stop and admire the splendid Trajan’s Column which celebrated the emperor’s triumphs.

They are a magical and suggestive place, one of the largest excavated areas to visit and a must-see if you are visiting Rome for pleasure or if you have at least half a day to explore the beautiful city.

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